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The aim of Facility Management is to improve the functionality, logistics, productivity, and profitability of spaces, buildings, and work environments. In the course of years of partnerships with complex and structured companies, GSP has acquired in-depth knowledge of many facility management processes, developing procedures and efficient management systems certified in accordance with current quality standards.

The activities that GSP carries out at some of the largest businesses that are already clients include:

The Help Desk is the function that handles the major management problems that may arise in a company. It is a service that provides information and assistance to internal users, trying to solve their problems remotely with the involvement of the relevant staff.

GSP is aware of the sensitivity and importance of the service, which is a kind of front office par excellence aimed at the internal customer.
Therefore, through an approach aimed at continuous improvement, it invests heavily in training operators and updating the systems used in this function, with the aim of providing a high quality service.

Facility Management -help-desk

Relying on GSP for complete corporate archive management provides “turnkey” certainty in terms of quality, flexibility, and precision.

If there are spaces in the company suitable for archiving paperwork, GSP can assist in reorganising and optimising the premises and in researching and using the most suitable technology (such as RFID technology), including the development of databases or software to manage allocations and research. GSP also handles the daily management of physical archives.

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