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outsourcing Relying on GSP for “turnkey” management of services that can be outsourced means being ready to respond quickly and efficiently to any internal or market need.

Choosing GSP for outsourcing Front Office services (from welcoming to interacting with clients or visitors) and Back Office services (records, data entry, order entry, and processing practices in general), enables the company to manage internal processes in a way that is more streamlined and more dynamic, leaving it free to focus on core business and at the same time reducing and optimising costs.

Connections between sites and correspondence pick-up
With its extensive distribution network, GSP is able to connect your company’s various decentralised offices at set times, both in the entire region and throughout Italy, including the islands.

The service can be customised according to your business’s specific needs.

All you will have to do is prepare the goods or correspondence to be handled and we’ll deal with everything else. A dedicated GSP resource will collect the items directly from your location at the time that’s most suitable for you.

Then at our offices we will divide the mail by type, stamp it, produce the different accompanying information, and post it. Each process will be followed by a careful and detailed summary of the work performed with the amount incurred, as well as a monthly summary report of the services performed.

For shipments by registered mail, we provide a special monitoring service and confirm the shipping status via a dedicated web portal with restricted access.
All this is always done to the same high quality standards with which GSP complies and in accordance with regulations.


Post Office management and IT protocol

GSP manages the entire incoming and outgoing postal flow (mail or goods). Examples include:

Managing incoming correspondence
  • Collecting incoming correspondence at the relevant post office.
  • Front office acceptance of mail and goods.
  • Back office management of incoming correspondence:
    1. Sorting by topic or competence,
    2. Data entry of the content (for particular practices),
    3. Assignment of IT protocol,
    4. Optical scanning / digitisation with forwarding to the recipient by e-mail
  • Mail distribution within the office and if necessary between branches in the group.
Managing outgoing correspondence
  • Back office management of outgoing correspondence:
    1. Data entry of the content,
    2. Assignment of IT protocol,
    3. Scanning / digitisation / optical archiving
  • Drawing up, printing, and preparing outgoing documentation.
  • Mechanised stamping with drafting of separate accompanying information and daily report on the economic status of the postal account.
  • Delivery to the relevant post office.

Based on the client’s specific needs, data entry for the customer account can make use of GSP tools and technology or be carried out directly at the client company after suitable training of our employees.

As with other services offered, GSP analyses the needs and puts in place an operating structure of specifically chosen resources, planning the best procedure in detail together with the customer.

Data Entry

GSP provides qualified and experienced personnel if your company needs to cover non-continuous peak workloads or for continuous roles assisting with events, management secretariat, or presence in the company.

The service can be adapted for events, meetings, summits, or hospitality at all levels, for example.


We can handle the complete management of reception, concierge services, unarmed security services, and video surveillance in corporate environments. We analyse your needs and if necessary we provide our software for surveillance and monitoring of entryways, providing periodic reports of the people coming in and out.


ArchiviazioneRelying on GSP for complete corporate archive management provides a “turnkey” certainty in terms of quality, flexibility, and precision.

If your company does not have adequate facilities for archiving documentation or if you just want more flexibility in managing your archives, GSP can provide the solution you’re looking for.

Thanks to its computer system, GSP is able to ensure high-level quality and operational standards in the management, reorganisation, and digitalisation of archives, in a manner conforming to regulations (Decree of 23 January 2004 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the subsequent Resolution of the National Centre for IT in Public Administration (CNIPA) No. 11 of 19 February 2004 and Legislative Decree No. 52 of 20 February, 2004).

For outsourced electronic archiving, we analyse and offer the option to customise and streamline the service, assisting the client in operational and training phases for the transition from static to a dynamic paper archives management paper using scanners and specialised software.

Indicatively, the service includes the following stages:

• Operational analysis with the client to set up the storage system;
• Taking charge of all the material and transporting it to the headquarters for processing;
• Digitisation and archiving;
• Delivery of the entire archive in electronic format to the customer, with the option to keep paper archives at our premises.

The procedures followed for storage within our premises guarantee maximum security and confidentiality.

The paper archive is always available to the customer and the originals of the documents stored can be delivered to the customer at any time.

The advantages of relying on GSP are:
• Reducing the space dedicated to the archive;
• Reducing personnel expenses relating to archive management;
• Usability of the documentation directly on screen.

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