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The market scenarios are increasingly subject to sudden changes; modern companies are therefore called upon to react, increasingly focusing efforts and resources on their core business by outsourcing all activities that support the business itself, not core considerations.

GSP, a company that is dynamic and dependable at the same time, is the right choice for finding quality solutions in the face of any market need together with the client. Choosing GSP for outsourcing offers many advantages:

  • Guaranteed quality of all the services offered.
  • Quick and flexible responses in the event of unforeseen needs.
  • Experienced and high-quality technical support.
  • Not having to sacrifice processing efficiency.
  • Relieving the structure of fixed costs.
  • Gaining the freedom to focus on your core business.


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The customer is absolutely central to GSP’s vision.
We shape our procedures and modify our processes around the client and with the client, adjusting to their specific needs and adapting to the constraints of the relevant environment.

Our strength is thus the mutual centrality of GSP to client companies.

This is our response to market dynamics, which often are not compatible with the institutionalised, stratified policies that frequently pervade medium-sized to large organisations, where coming up with a more efficient process often clashes with the policy of internalising non-core activities.

The spectrum of services offered by GSP is very broad and today ranges from mail delivery, to front office (switchboard, reception, and event support) and back office (post office management) assistance, up to managing multiple services to support facility management.
Thanks to the dynamism of the resources and the flexibility of its internal processes, GSP is able to help its customers handle both routine and non-routine needs, giving a swift response and offering an effective solution.



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